The department of Cusco is consider the “Patrimony of Humanity” it was the cradle of the civilization of the Incas and do to it’s great monuments that has, it becomes the most important tourist place in Peru. The City of Cusco offers to all it’s tourist a variety of attractions, natural as well as cultural.

To arrive at this City, to walk in it’s streets and enjoy it’s landscape, is like transporting yourself to the past, there is something in it’s atmosphere that makes you live and experience a deep profound fascination for this City. Cusco Accommodation

Meaning of the Word Cusco it comes from the Word in quechua QOSQO that means “Navel” it has been know that writer Inca Garcilazo de la Vega who also called it “ the Navel of the World”

LOCATION: The department of Cusco is located in the South side of the Andes at the farthest point of the south of Peru at 13”30 latitude south and 72”00 longitude east starting from the Greenwich point.

AREA: The department of Cusco has a total extension of 76,225 km and the providence of Cusco at 523km

ALTITUDE: Is located over the 3350m taking the main point as the Main Square ( Plaza de Armas)

CLIMATE: Is cold and dry, it has two seasons that are very defined: the rainy season that is between the months of November and March with a temperature the varies between 11º and 13º C and the dry season that is between the months of April and October, with sunny days and cold nights with a average temperature of 9ºC. Cusco Accommodation

The masterpiece created by the Inkas to show to the wrold their power and elegance,which by its luxure and abbundance of beauty pressumes the great skills of the Inkas . It is located on the north part of the city, and it was all made out of stone.

Sacsayhuaman was the "House of the Sun" it was not a fortress, like spanish thought once they saw such a construction. Inside the complex we can find deposits for food, weapons, ornaments, materials, and acueducts. Cusco Hotel

There are also considerably long underground tunnels or "chincanas", where you will be amazed by the beauty of it. Cusco Hotel

MEANING OF THE WORD: Several Scientists have tried to translate this word however they havent come to any defined meaning, but the majority of the have come up with the idea that this name relates in some way with religious terms. For some of them saqsa means:full, satisfied and huaman means:bird

LOCATION: It is located north of Cusco, exactly at 1 km away from the city.

AREA: It has an area of 3.003.38 hectares.

ALTITTUDE: It is located at the same altitude as Cusco (3555 m.a.s.l.)


You can not miss the beautiful and attractive Sacred Valley of the Incas, it goes from Pisac to Ollantaytambo along the Urubamba river or "Sacred River," this was very much appreciated by the ancient Inkas due to its fabulous qualities. Due to the ammount of soil it has, it was one of the main points of production where the best maize was grown. It was also the favorite place of the Viceroys because of its excellent weather.

The Sacred Vally is one of the most important parts of Cusco, numerous rivers converge in it, most of them have their origins on the Icy Mountains. In this section, get to know the main archaeological monuments and towns of the Sacred Valley, it is an absolutely worth going.


Machupicchu is one of the archaeological remains that wake a particular interest in the entire world, is without a doubt the most impressive expression that the Andean man was capable of. There are many theories about Machupicchu which of all of them we have the fallowing ones:

The first theory indicates that the city was ignored by the Incas, this is due to the way the constructions was made and also to the lack of information in regards in how it was built, they relieve that it was older than the Incas. Cusco Lodgings

The second theory indicates that it was a place of refugees for the Ñustas or virgins of the Sun, because of this reason they called it the Sacred City, this theory comes from the arrival of Spaniards, the Inca government made these woman escape to a place in the Andes, that place was the City of Machupicchu; this theory is also based when they found 107 human remains from which 68.9 were woman. Cusco Lodgings

MEANING OF THE WORD MACHUPICCHU: The name quechua comes from the word mountain the is Machupicchu, the word is made from two words, like Machu that means old and the word Picchu that means mountain,so the word would mean Old Mountain.

LOCATION: The archaeological zone is located in the left margin of the Vilcanota River, in the ridge of Kusichaca, in the district of Machupicchu, providence of Urubamba, department of Cusco.

AREA: The sanctuary of Machupicchu has a total area of 32,592 square meters.

CLIMATE: because it’s located in a tropical area it has a temperature that is always between 8º and 22º C. The rainy season begins in December to April.




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